Recapping Our Tenth Annual Trip

Dear Tumaini supporters:

This past summer, Lide, Duncan, and I journeyed to Tanzania on our annual visit to see the students, families, and communities that you are supporting. While it was only my second visit to the country, it was Lide’s tenth and Duncan’s eighth since our organization was formed in 2007. Every year, this trip inspires in us a fresh appreciation for the kindness, intelligence, and resolve of our friends in Tanzania, and a renewed thankfulness and humility as we reflect on your generosity as supporters of this community.
Below are a few highlights from our trip – please feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to hear more. As you read, will you consider investing in these students – by making a gift online today – so they can continue to invest in and create hope for their own community?

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Our Tanzanian friends send you their love and thanks, and they want you to know that they pray for you regularly, as do we.
Asanta Sana and Mungu awabariki (Thank you and God bless),

Erik Stiller
Tumaini Tanzania