Our Mission

Tumaini Tanzania is a community of friends dedicated to the students, schools, and communities in and around Sakila, a Tanzanian village poised at the intersection of tradition and modernity. We believe that every individual is endowed with dignity and talent, qualities which nourish tumaini – "hope" in Swahili. By investing in post-primary education through a program of scholarships and local school support, we seek to ignite the innate potential that quietly persists in each child in this village. We strive to empower these students with an environment that nurtures their character as well as their minds, so that they may participate as leaders in God's redemptive plan for their families, community, country, and continent. We consider it a privilege to build meaningful, faith-filled relationships within Sakila and between this village and our network of contributors. Tumaini Tanzania is grounded in the belief that hope, contagious and constant across all borders, is the surest weapon against the injustices of poverty and suffering.