Since 2008, we have partnered with over 150 families in northeast Tanzania to send bright, hardworking students to secondary school.


educational scholarships

Student-specific scholarships enable us to transform lives with relatively little money. In Tanzania, students are able to attend primary school for free, but must pay to attend secondary school (even the local public schools). For many of the families in Sakila and the surrounding area, most of whom are subsistence farmers, the school costs are prohibitive. We partner with those students who are at the top of their class but who would not be able to continue their education past primary school without a scholarship.

We are currently supporting a total of 70 students, which includes students at the Sakila Secondary School and the Nkoanekoli Secondary School, students from Sakila who are attending Form Five and Form Six at nearby boarding schools in preparation for university, and students from Sakila who are attending Teachers College, Vocational School, and University. We meet with the family of every student to adjust the size of the scholarship to match the specific family's need. Around $250 supports all the expenses associated with one secondary school student's year of education (full year of tuition, lunch meals, books, exam fees, uniforms, summer tutoring, and desk). The figure is considerably higher for our top students who excel to Forms Five/Six (around $900), Vocational School (around $900), and university (around $3,000), mostly due to increased tuition and room and board costs.

We appreciate any amount that you feel called to contribute; even a small gift makes a great difference.

Flashlight project

We distribute self-generating flashlights to all the students we sponsor to provide light at night, enabling the students to study and serving as a symbol of the beacon of hope that each child represents.

Community PartnershipS

Tumaini Tanzania targets the quality of education in and around Sakila in two main ways:

  1. To address immediate hardship, we provide secondary school scholarships to brilliant and hard-working children who are at the top of their class but whose families can't afford the post-primary education expense.
  2. To effect comprehensive, sustainable change in Sakila, we join with our network of local partners to support their efforts to improve the community.

Relationships are the fabric of Tumaini Tanzania; we seek to build cross-Atlantic hope-filled communities committed to each other. 

100% of all donations to Tumaini Tanzania goes directly to the project on the ground in the communities in and around Sakila.